1) Finding a broker will relieve a lot of the stress involved in finding and researching the right boat for you – and it’s free. We have 3 brokers who are certified through the Certified Professional Yacht Brokers Association and are also members of the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association. When you sit down with your broker these are the going to me the main areas you should discuss:

2) What type of cruising do you want to do? Is getting there fast important or do you want to take your time?

3) Do you want power or sail? If you’re a sailor do you want a monohull or catamaran?

4) What is the size range you will feel comfortable with?

5) How old of a boat do you want to invest in? Do you have a max age or is it condition dependent?

6) Do you want a gas or diesel boat? Twin screws or single? If you want single – do you want thrusters?

7) What about hull material: Fiberglass, steel or wood?

8) If you’re a power boater – what configuration is important? Sedan, Aft Cabin, Pilothouse or Command Bridge.

9) If you’re sailor – which do you prefer: Rig Sloop, Cutter, Schooner, Yawl or Ketch?

10) Is speed important to you: What is your desired top speed or cruising speed?

11) Timing is important in everything: Do you have another boat you need to sell before buying a new one. Is this the right time of year to buy – do you want a full season out on the water? When do you want to have it – this year or next?

12) Surveyors: We maintain a list of reputable surveyors and our brokers are acquainted with all of them.

13) Financing: Again, do you have a boat you need to sell first. Will you be taking out a loan?

14) Moorage: Will you need a slip or is the boat trailerable? If so, do you need to buy a trailer?

These are all items for you to consider. Our brokers will sit down and talk to you about your needs and desires. Are you willing to compromise on items or are you firm in your choices? Once you have found the right boat we have references for your regarding surveyors, financial options and insurance brokers to choose from.

One consideration for buying in Bellingham is our 8.7% sales tax. When you go to closing on your boat the tax rate is determined by WHERE the brokerage location is. Other locales have as high as 10% sales tax.