Welcome to Bellhaven Yachts!

Bellhaven Charters has been helping people discover the spectacular waters of the Pacific Northwest since 1982. We find our customers return again and again to explore the San Juan Islands and beyond. And no wonder. There is no end to discovery here. Islands, coves, woods, vistas, and amazing wildlife constantly unfold before you on your voyage in new and breathtaking ways. We’re here to launch you and your family on an unforgettable experience with the right boat, the right advice, and everything else you need. Contact us now and begin the adventure.


This was our first charter and was not sure what to expect. As you know we asked many questions but you and your staff answered very professionally. The information about the boat as well as the detail on the charts made the vacation easy , fun and wanting to do it again. Seldom in today’s world are the people interested in helping customers like all at Bellhaven staff did. We thank you.

Don Cox (Arizona), Panasea-ah 37′ Silverton

After 24 years of chartering yachts in the North West, Bellhaven Yacht Sales and Charters was a new and refreshing experience. They are efficient, reliable, organized and friendly. Almost like dealing with family or close friends. They have my warmest recommendations.

Dr. Ola Grimsby (San Diego), Panasea-ah 37′ Silverton

The trip was top 3 of all time. What a family experience. The friendliness and helpfulness of the of the staff at Bellhaven made our trip that much more pleasant. I can’t wait to do it again.

Mike Zapf (Colorado), Brokership