Owner & Broker: Sean Keating

Sean Keating, President and Broker of Bellhaven Yachts, was born boating. From the lakes and streams of the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado to the abundant lakes of upstate New York. His passion for the Ocean began with a move to Southern California when he was 13 and immediately equipped a 13 Foot Boston Whaler to be able to have range to fish tuna and yellowtail offshore. That was the beginning of a long love for the Pacific Ocean, ranging from Panama to Alaska for both work and pleasure. Sean began work as a yacht salesman in Southern California and started a bustling multi-location Yacht Brokerage in 2005. Finding himself constantly finding reasons to deliver yachts to the Pacific Northwest, it only made sense to make the Bellingham and the Puget Sound the next chapter in life. With over 2500 successful sales under his belt, his business not only survived, but thrived through the recession of 2006-2009. Sean has navigated extremely complex deals involving short sales, trades, bank repossessions, seller-term purchases and everything in between. He has delivered boats from 25’ to 140’ from coast to coast and corner to corner on land and by sea. Running a fresh new team at Bellhaven is a great new opportunity for Sean and the team to help you in any way possible in your next Vessel purchase, Sale and/or major engine overhaul or basic maintenance. Sean is happy to assist in getting you into a slip in Bellingham, may it be long or short term, liveaboard or all pleasure. Give us a call 7 days a week to allow us to be of service!

Broker: J.R.

“Former owner of Blue Heron Yachts and a broker in the industry since 2013, J.R. Johnson, a member of the NYBA, is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to the Bellhaven family. As a former math and economics educator, J.R. came to the industry because of his dual passions of boats and to teach. J.R. ensures whether listing with Bellhaven or purchasing a vessel, you are comfortable and confident through each step of the process through the sound education J.R. will bring you. J.R. has been sailing since 1988 and a part of the Bellingham community since 2001. He knows the waters, the people and understands that there are different kinds of uses for different boats, and he will make sure whatever you have planned for the waters, he will find the right boat for you. “

Office Manager: Allie Mackey

Allie is a senior at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in political science. Allie has been a member of the Bellhaven team since June 2019. She grew up in Maine and was first exposed to boating by canoeing, kayaking, and sailing on a pond up in New Hampshire. She has been steadily learning the ins and outs of the brokerage and boating world and is eager to help you find the boat that is right for you!